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Sunday, 20 September 2015

September 21- 25

I Week at a Glance for Sept 21- Sept 25

  • Prayer Assembly 5/6 D
  • Mayoral Interviews - @10:40

  • Terry Fox Run - 1:00 at AL Horton

  • PD Day - No School

Updated Principal Blog - Deep Thoughts @

  • Our School Foundation is seeking helpers for the Legion Steak Fry.  This a fun and easy event to help with and you come home with lots of leftover food!!!  Please let Sarah Kisilevich @ know if you can help.  The dates are as follows: Sept 25, Feb 26, and June 24
  • Thank you to Deb Febrouski for her amazing work as the Treasurer of the school Foundation - we wish her all the best!!!
    Huge thanks to Mrs. Sanford for her help in creating our new landscaped space for our rocks!! Thank you!!
  • St. Martin’s Election is starting this week - good luck to our 3 Mayoral candidates!!  
  • This upcoming Sept 23 we will have our annual Terry Fox run.  We are looking for parents who can help out for the event.  Our students will be bussing or walking (depending on grade level) to A.L. Horton to meet up with all of the schools in Vegreville.  The event will begin at 1:00 PM SHARP with a few messages from the MODEL team and our guest speaker, Mrs. Marg Varga.  We will walk with partner classes for part of the way and then make our way back to St. Martin's.  This event is intended to bring awareness to Terry Fox's heroic contribution to cancer research, and to build community among the students and staff of Vegreville.  Parents who can help out with the event may let their child's homeroom teacher know.
  • Last Monday we had our first Foundation and School Advisory Council meetings.  We are please to announce that Mrs. Strydom will serve as our SAC Chair and Mrs. Swain will serve as our SAC Vice-Chair for the 2015-16 school year!   Our next meeting will be on October 19th, where we will ask attending parents to assist with creating goals for this school year.  We would love to see as many people as possible at the meeting so mark you calendar:)
  • FSLW - St. Martin’s School is excited to announce that Mrs.Sawatzky will be a part-time Family School Liaison Worker beginning on October 5th.  Mrs.Sawatzky is excited to begin working with our students and their families.  Here is a brief description of her role in our school:
    • The Family School Liaison Worker is available to assist students with a wide range of emotional/behavioural challenges in order to promote the facilitation of academic needs.   As a member of our Student Services Team, the FSL Worker provides direct interventions and also facilitates referrals and coordinates access to services that allow students to participate fully in education programs, attain their potential and be a successful student.  The FSLW will also:
      • Receive and screen referrals to identify student’s needs. This includes assessing student and family needs along with developing and implementing service plans to meet identified needs through mutually established goals based on input from school staff and families.
      • Provide short term intervention to students and families who request help with emotional, behavioural and academic issues, including problem solving, coping and crisis management skills for students and families.
      • Triage students and provide support to students experiencing crisis, conflict, interpersonal relationship issues, and risk assessments for severe behaviours.
      • Consult and collaborate with school administration, teachers, support staff and our Students Services Team.
      • Assist in developing, leading and/or supporting the school’s critical response plan as a member of the school’s Critical Incident Response Team.  Functions include planning/defusing/debriefings and follow ups.
      • Research and provide resources and materials that are relevant to the needs of students, families, teachers, and related professionals.

Upcoming Events
October 9 PD Day - No School
October 12 Thanksgiving - No School
October 15 Guest Author
October 16 Junior University - 1st Classes
October 19 Foundation AGM @ 6:00, School Advisory Council @ 7:00

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