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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Coles' Notes - January 30 - February 3

Coles’ Notes
Monday January 30 - Friday February 3

  1. Student Safety
  2. Alberta Education Surveys
  3. Family Game Night
  4. Registration for 2017 - 2018
  5. Pink Shirt Day
  6. Anaphylaxis and Severe Allergy Awareness
  7. Important Dates
  8. @Pontifex Tweet of the Week

  1. Student Safety

    The safety of our students is our utmost concern at all times. It has come to the school’s attention that there have been a number of close calls in the mornings and afternoons. It is very important that parents be watching out for students. Vegreville Bylaw enforcement has been contacted and they have had a higher than normal presence near the school in the last couple of weeks and this will continue for the foreseeable future. As such, we remind parents to obey all traffic rules related to speed, proper turns, parking in appropriate places (away from the bus lane, crosswalks, fire hydrants, staff parking lot, etc.). Please be sure to observe all posted signs. Thank you!

  1. Alberta Education Surveys

Grade 4 students completed surveys this week at school. It was a rather quick survey that took no more than 20 minutes. We really appreciate all of the feedback that we get from the surveys as it helps in planning and making St. Martin’s a better school.

To our grade 4 parents, you should be receiving your surveys in the mail soon, if you have not already. If you have any questions about the surveys, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school and we will help you as best we can.

  1. Family Game Night

    Family Game Night was an awesome time. We had about 10 families attend and many different games were played. From Apples to Apples to Smash Up and Ticket to Ride, lots of fun was had by all. A big thanks to all of the families that came. I hope that we can do it again in the future.

  1. Registration for 2017-2018

Registration for the 2017-2018 school year began on Monday January 16, 2017. For information on the process, please click this link ( There is a major change this year that will impact kindergarten students. The Elk Island Catholic School Board chose to align our kindergarten age of entry with Elk Island Public Schools. As such, students entering kindergarten in September 2017 must be 5 by December 31, 2017. It is very important that parents register their students as soon as possible as it significantly helps in the planning process for next year. If you have friends or family that have children that will be joining us in 2017-2018, please have them visit us in the office or register online as soon as possible.

Parents whose students are moving from one grade to the next do not need to register again, but will be asked to complete a data verification form.

  1. Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day has been an annual event at St. Martin’s and many other community organizations for a number of years. The day was inspired by a situation in which a young man wore a pink shirt to school one day and was teased about it. The next day, many of his peers wore pink shirts in support of him. The pink shirt became a symbol of friendship and inclusiveness. This year, Pink Shirt Day will be celebrated on February 22.

Our friends from the Vegreville Cares Coalition have developed a Pink Shirt that was designed just for the day. Please see the poster attached to the e-mail for more information. You can access the online store to purchase it here: The deadline to purchase a shirt / hoodie is February 3.

  1. Anaphylaxis and Severe Allergy Awareness

As mentioned previously, students safety is our utmost concern and it is in working together that we are able to keep our students as safe as possible. I just wanted to remind all parents of the very dangerous effects that contact with peanuts or other nuts can have on some of our students. As a nut aware school, we would ask that no products containing peanuts or nuts be brought to school. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

For more information about Anaphylaxis and Severe Allergies, please see the Elk Island Catholic Schools Administrative Procedure on the topic. It can be found here: (  

Upcoming Important Dates

January 30 - Prayer Assembly - 9:00 am led by 3/4A
January 30 - SUBWAY forms due by noon (see attachment of e-mail for form)
January 30 - Grade 4 students skiing at Sunridge
January 30 - Black and White Day in Grade 1
January 30 - Grade 5/6 Basketball from 3:15 - 4:00 pm
February 1 - SUBWAY Day
February 1 - Early Dismissal - School Ends at 1:55 pm
February 2 - Groundhog Day
February 3 - Hotdog Day
February 3 - Both ECS classes
February 3 - Junior University

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