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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Coles' Notes - February 27 - March 3

Coles’ Notes
Monday February 27 - Friday March 3

  • The Cycle of School
  • Important Dates
  • @Pontifex Tweet of the Week

  • The Cycle of School

    Schools work in a cyclical format, much like other organizations. We have our routines in how we do things and when we do them. We are nearing the end of the time of year I like to call “survey season”. Many of our parents would have received a survey and been asked a number of questions about St. Martin’s. The data collected from these surveys informs our planning for subsequent school years. I am currently in the process, along with Mrs. Sorochan, to collect feedback from staff on their preferred futures for next year and to collect their opinions about programming. Many of these same programming questions will be asked in the near future of parents and students. After collecting this data, plans for the next school year will be made and feedback on these plans will be sought. There is a continuous loop of decision making and data gathering in order to make our school, St. MArtin’s, the best possible.

Schools have changed in the last 15 - 20 years in terms of the collaboration with all of our stakeholders (parents, students, the community at large). As schools we look for feedback about what is going well, what can be improved on and what our stakeholders would like to see moving forward. It is a delicate balance of looking at the data collected from stakeholders, using our experience and knowledge as educators, and looking to move forward using the latest research in education.

One of the very important ways to continue collaboration between school and our parent community is for parents to engage in the School Council. This is a group designed to advise the school and to provide the parent perspective. School Council meets on the first Monday after the early dismissal day most months of the school year. We meet in the library at 7:00 pm and would love to have more parents join us.

  • Parent Teacher Interviews / Celebration of Learning

On March 22, 2017, parents and students will be invited to St. Martin’s to engage in dialogue about individual student learning. Typically, this meeting has been in the format of a Celebration of Learning. With the new reporting methods and report card that went home at the end of January, some grade levels felt it would be a good idea to have a more traditional Parent - Teacher interview. Teachers will be communicating information to parents about the format and booking process in the next couple of weeks. Please stay tuned.

  • Wellness Corner

In an ongoing effort to provide information about wellness in our daily lives, I will be adding information to Coles’ Notes that provides some information that will help in all areas of wellness, physical, mental, social, etc.

As the weather warms up (sort of) and individuals feel that there is less need to be as focused on the road conditions. Here is some information from Alberta Health Services:

Distracted driving is defined as the diversion of attention from driving as a result of the driver focusing on a non-driving object, activity, event or person. This diversion reduces awareness, decision-making or performance leading to increased risk of driver error and collisions.
Facts to Know
    • Research indicates that driver distraction contributes to 20 to 30% of all collisions.
    • Distracted drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a collision than attentive drivers.
    • A study of collisions involving distracted drivers found reaching for a moving object in the vehicle increased the risk of a collision or near collision by nine times; insects in the vehicle increased the risk by a factor of six; reading, applying make-up, and dialing a hand-held device tripled the odds, and listening and talking on a handheld device increased the risk by 1.3 times.
    • A driver in rush hour traffic needs to keep track of 3000 items including signs, traffic lights, other vehicles, passengers, pedestrians, and road and weather conditions. Compare that with a fighter pilot who only needs to keep track of 300 items in a regular non-combat mission.
    • A car going 50 km/h travels about 13.9 metres (45 feet) in one second. One second is enough to be distracted, leading to a collision.
    • Music volume should not be so loud that you cannot hear the sounds your vehicle makes, emergency vehicle sirens, or the ringing bells of trains when approaching a railroad crossing.
    • Alberta’s distracted driving law restricts drivers from:
      • using hand-held cellphones
      • texting or e-mailing
      • using electronic devices like laptop computers, video games, cameras, video entertainment displays, and programming portable audio players (e.g., MP3 players)
      • entering information on GPS units  reading printed materials in the vehicle  writing, printing or sketching and
      • personal grooming
    • The fine for distracted driving is $172.
    • Drivers that exhibit what is deemed to be more serious or risky behaviors could be charged with “driving carelessly” under the Traffic Safety Act. The penalty for driving carelessly carries six demerit points and a fine of $402.   

Upcoming Important Dates

February 27 - Prayer Assembly at 9:00 am led by 1B
February 27 - Grade 5 /6 Basketball Practice
March 1 - Ash Wednesday Assembly - 9:00 am- St. Martin's Parish
March 3 - PD Day
March 6 - Prayer Assembly at 9:00 am led by 1M - First week of Advent (No SOTW)
March 6 - Grade 5 / 6 Basketball Practice
March 8 - Alberta Opera - Hansel and Gretel at 1:30 pm
March 8 - Grade 5 / 6 Basketball Practice
March 8 - Board Game Club
March 10 - Grade 5 / 6 Basketball Tournament

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